Summon Christopher Walken, Then Read This

I often say ‘Holy Guacamole’ and I always dislike it because there are so many syllables in ‘Guacamole’—multi-syllabic; you know! And ‘Holy Frijole!’ I dislike even MORE because of the all that alliteration business—the double ‘holi’ sound. And ‘Holy Moley’… way too simple.

So, suddenly I open my mouth to say ‘Holy—’ and what comes out? Canoli! A canoli comes out! Holy Canoli! 

Do people say ‘Holy Canoli’? They do, don’t they.

It’s perfect. It’s succint. It has the hard ck- for a very satisfying contrast to the soft, hesitant, and even—in some cases—the tired hh-

It’s so refreshing!