Lady Thoughts No. 3

Lady is the protagonist of Bright Side. As a child, she was submitted to conditioning to become a psychic assassin at Bright Side - a brainwashing facility disguised as a private boarding school.

#LadyThoughts is a series of posts designed to emulate the journal of Lady so that I may get to know her as I write the screenplay. You can see the rest of the posts by clicking on the pink link above or the tag below in the metadata of this or any other #LadyThoughts post. Enjoy!

I feel an urgency, lurking between my shoulder blades, to deny the reality of—and my ability to explain—what has happened in the past 48 hours... what IS happening. I have accessed a knowledge that claims to have been dormant in me - and I believe it, because it is me. Its source is my source.

I am different—I am the same as I always was. I am again .