Coffee Burp

My first day back at work (this past Tuesday, now it's almost Friday, weird!) I was like a magical productivity unicorn. It was pretty great. Now things have balanced back out a bit, but I must say it's a bonus having "left" facebook for a while.

After my fb-less week, I logged back on to sift through my notifications and only about four out of 118 were of particular "value" or "like"ness... everything else was fine and all but I didn't care much to spend my time engaging with it. 

So, I haven't been back much. When I encounter something I want to share, I do it through my "Lady Kathryn Lynn" page versus my own personal page. Not sure why but I think it gives me a certain allowance... distance. Maybe once a day or so I spend two minutes with a little bit of scrolling and checking in. Overall, it's a nice change not to be so "locked in" to scrolling and liking and posting and... so on.

I'm writing now because I feel compelled to write regardless of the fact that I sometimes think to myself... why am I writing anything at all? What does this have to do with anything? Why do I have a blog? I guess I know the answers in some ways, and in other ways not at all. Life is odd and strange that way. Maybe it's time to re-answer the questions. Maybe it's time to do nothing at all.