For the Love of Acne

I've lived with acne for most of my life, and for most of my life I have learned to look past my skin. Sometimes, though, it is unavoidable. Sometimes I am filled with loathing—which helps in exactly zero circumstances—and sometimes I am filled with so much conflict that I have to do something, ANYTHING about it. 

This is (one of) the answer(s) to that internal conflict.

I've been thinking about this for a while now. The initial vision I had was to render the features of my skin in black and white... paint my face entirely white, and cover my acne with black... but... I don't have any white makeup, so—naturally, like in any process—I altered the vision as I went along.

I used liquid eyeliner to cover my acne, and then covered my face in foundation. The liquid eyeliner still shown through like a little blueprint.... I'd thought this through a few times and it worked like a charm. ::pleased with self::

I used eyeshadow to paint over the blueprint. I split my face down the center and thought I would cover one half in warm colors and the other in cool colors... that is (obviously) not how it worked out, although the colors do vary from left to right based on how I initiated the painting process. It is remarkable to me how much my skin started to look like the paintings I create. 

And then I glammed it up... Darkening my eyebrows, adding white eyeshadow to my eyes (which ended up getting cakey for some unknown asshole reason but I can accept it, it's FINE REALLY!), adding eyeliner, adding false (SPARKLY) lashes, as well as lining and darkening my lips.

Obligatory Instagram Shot

Obligatory Instagram Shot