What do YOU see??

The Daily Sludge began about a month ago as a daily instagram post, and quickly evolved to a daily facebook posting. It is an exercise in SEEING beyond the 3-dimensional surface, and into the realms of subconscious with the mind's eye. What messages are there for you? What do you see??

The Daily Sludge, 1.JULY.13

Today was a day of steady, gentle energy, sprinkled with breaks for highly active announcements... or proclamations.  It was very straightforward; I appreciate that.

I spent the morning editing a collection of about 50 photographs—a decent size of non-overwhelming work removing styrofoam clinger-onners from the apron fronts of copper farmhouse sinks. I had a very calculated (errands! sometimes I think that's what being an adult really feels like) lunch break and when I returned I felt a sense of... what now? This is when those breaks... bursts of high activity started. 

I revisited the June Beetle and started bringing the imagery from my dreams back into my consciousness. 

Sometime after that a dragonfly came in through my open window, buzzed around against the glass for some moments and flew off again.

A fly played a game of "I'm on base!" with my computer screen.

And a bumble bee flew straight through the office, in my window and out another with every indication that he knew EXACTLY where he was going.

All of this activity occurred while I was going through the design process with a graphic for a guest blog post we'll be soliciting to body care blogs on the top five most harmful chemicals found in cosmetics. I'd been struggling with the fear-based foundation of the article until I decided to take the graphic in a different direction... so I layed a holistic quote about the wisdom of the body (forgive me I can't remember it) over a stock photo we bought of a girl amongst apple (or is it peach?) trees and BLAMO! I was satisfied.

My messages today were a mix of recognizing my capabilities and navigating change.

As far as the sludge is concerned, I see the triple hecate goddess wisdom supporting and blessing the cultivation of new beginnings and flow of vital life-force.

What about you?