The Daily Sludge, 21JULY13 - Weekend Edition

The Daily Sludge for Saturday & Sunday are, not surprisingly, a perfect match for this weekend. Starting Friday night, emotions were being compressed in a final batch to be ejected before Mercury went direct (at 11:30 am here on the west coast of the US) on Saturday morning. And when I say compressed, I mean furiously lassoed by some maniacal cosmic cowboy... or cowgirl. Saturday morning was the climax... a potpourri of nutsballs adventure-time... the emotional rodeo finale, clowns and all.

Specifically, within the chaos I see the head of a cat facing the head of a wizard. Alchemy is present. I don't think they like each other, but they're working together none-the-less... they must.

Sunday, Mercury is direct; this period of work has ended. We're nestled between the frenzy of 'the last push' and the pending full moon in Aquarius, and we're frazzled... frayed around the edges, but we are complete... for the time being. Now... what are we going to do about it?

What do YOU see??

The Daily Sludge, 20JULY13

The Daily Sludge, 21JULY13