The Inauguration of Lady Kathryn Lynn

I've spent a lot of my life assuming and diving into identities. Those of you who grew up, as I did, on the internet probably have a similar experience—perhaps not as extensive as mine... or maybe even more so. My first ever screen name was stardust10164... it seems to me now that number was a foreshadowing of the amount of monikers I would strive to achieve in my lifetime. The short list spans 14 years and goes something like this: starfairy189 punkerwannabe987 peachykeen987 tropicalflower101 lamusikat katydonedidit101 tadatankgirl katastrophe ikilledkaty ealantagalla margotpolo blackbrooks and kingkathryn

After entering and dropping out of design school I had some pretty grandiose ideas about my personal branding... websites, projects, and the like... that never came to fruition ultimately, I have learned, because I was completely out of whack—some of you can vouch—and I had no true sense of what I wanted.

I moved to Whidbey Island on New Year's Eve 2010 and have spent the last two and (almost) a half years accessing my truth through my relationships with my heart, body, mind, spirit, and more recently my sweetheart, Michael.

As I have grown, skins have been shed, and I see my gifts more clearly every day. Lady Kathryn Lynn came to me just before the one year anniversary of the conception of Bright Side, and with her came this virtual home. Everything culminates here. 

Historically, my perfectionism would get the better of me, and I would find every reason something wasn't ready to be committed to whatever platform it was meant for. Now, I find a certain calm knowing as I continue on my journey, so too, shall this identity evolve.

Welcome to my world,
Lady Kathryn Lynn