A love letter to my blog

Thank you for being here, even when I am not. There are so many things I want to say—not just to you, but to the world, to the vast expanse of existence, to the molecular, to the stars... to myself, even, to explore.

I think of you often. Knowing that you are here gives me a sense of comfort. Sometimes, I have feelings of grief or shame that I do not come to you more often... often, actually, I have these feelings. But you are always waiting, without judgement, without conditions.

I have so much to say...

And I am learning, now, how what I have to say is completely my own. I am learning, now, how maybe in the past I put myself up against this idea, of what *who* I thought other people thought I was. How I defined myself in relationship to how I perceived them perceiving me. That's how I identified who I was, but it was an illusion, it was a mirrror within a mirror. 

I am becoming. I become. In this, I recognize my connections and reflections as relationships, and define those relationships from a place of personal truth.

You are very important to me, blog. This is what I want you to know. My relationship to you feels as ancient as anything. It is a relationship to self. Thank you, for being here, even when I am not, through all of the painful and beautiful and mysterious. I love you.