I have a confession to make.

Really, though, I'm not sure it qualifies as a confession since any reader is able to know what I will confess if they happen to do the research. Aren't confessions supposed to be a sort of secret? This is more like... hidden. And I'm finished with all that hiding business.

My confession is thus: I did not post a blog post on Thursday.

Now... most of you are probably all like 'big whoop' And even I, myself, am kind of like 'big whoop, I'm not into shaming or guilting myself' .. but the THING IS if you look at the top of your browser window you'll notice 'The Everyday Blog of Lady Kathryn Lynn' and I AM into keeping my word.

I had a most divine experience in the art of harnessing spontaneity this morning at UBCC. I ventured there to give Caytie a hug before she ventures off to the land of grass called ice. There, I ran into Max and Natasha and we sat on the patio talking about writing until Natasha went to work--right around that time Nikol joined us, and the conversation evolved 

Max said, "I wish I could hire someone to be my drill sergeant—YOU SAID YOU WERE GONNA WRITE NOW WRITE!"

And I explained how I succeeded in being my own drill sergeant by titling my blog 'The Everyday Blog of Lady Kathryn Lynn'

I can't CHANGE it, because that would be giving up, and anyway—posting something everyday is what I WANT.